Sustainability, Quality and Family

“We harvest our grapes by hand in order to minimize sulphites continuously looking for sustainable viticulture. We carefully respect the natural balance of our Valdobbiadene hills, the heart of Prosecco Land.”

Vettoretti Family.

chi siamo

A 100-year history

Our love for the vine and its fruit was passed on to us by our great-grandfather Bepi, who planted in 1918 the first vines and started cultivating the vineyard on the Tordera hill, in the heart of the Cartizze production area.

We owe a lot to our family, they have taught us about attention to detail, hard work, commitment, how to enjoy the results of our work, they have passed on that fearless curiosity to look for new answers.

Pietro Vettoretti, having learned from his grandfather Bepi, cultivates his vines passionately, like someone in love with his land: he is the real Cavaliere del Lavoro (member of the Order of Merit for Labour). Together with our mother Mirella, he is continuing this important winemaking tradition and passing it on to us every day.

Natural Balance

Our key expression has always been “Natural Balance” which translates into constant and continuous research into sustainable agriculture from an environmental, economic and social point of view.

The new La Tordera winery, built in 2001, expanded first in 2011 an then in 2018, has obtained the “CasaClima Wine” certification, a protocol created by Agenzia CasaClima in Bolzano with the end goal of guaranteeing the sustainability of buildings dedicated to wine production. It evaluates three areas connected to sustainability: ecological quality, socio-cultural quality and economic quality. These determine the environmental impact of the building and housing comfort, the consumption of energy and water in the production of wines, the choice of packaging and the effect of transportation.


Our winery, in total harmony with its surroundings, is perfect for a quick taste to decide which wine to buy or for a tasting experience of our wines paired with some typical products of the area. The guided tour of the winery and vineyard will immerse you in this generous and welcoming territory, uncovering its history and traditions. Walking into La Tordera is an experience “in wine” which respects the environment through a strict sustainability protocol which can be summed up into two key words: Natural Balance.